The blog which you may have stumbled upon is dedicated to the subject of food and food related ideas, opinions, discussions and what have you. I’m a guy who simply likes to cook and I have a passion for food, food preparation, food alchemy, food magic and whatever else may occur in the realm of cooking and eating. I have been working like a madman in my little housebound kitchen. Furiously experimenting and continuously practicing the craft of cooking. I have had to learn by hook or crook which is to say “self taught” with inspiration from my dear mother, aunts, grandmother and a wild uncle who was chef in the dynamic world of late 60’s early 70’s Las Vegas and my brother in law’s brother in law who also hit the food stage in the late 60’s early 70’s in South Beach.

I started cooking around five years of age. Which is say I was able to work the toaster without burning the toast, make coffee in the percolator for my folks and pour a glass of milk. I moved up to sandwiches and my all time favorite Grilled Cheese by age ten or so. I had my share of disasters one of which includes setting my parents kitchen on fire about a week before the house was to be sold. Big lesson being never walk away from a frying pan full of hot grease on a hot burner. I was able to put out the fire on my own but not until after the kitchen window curtains went up in flames. It was quite spectacular. By the time I hit high school age, I was manning the family grill and helping my dear mother pull together family meals. I would like to say that this led me to a better life, but unfortunately I was a juvenile delinquent with a penchant for Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll which inhibited my scholastic career. After I forewent a college education to basically live in blissful sin with a girlfriend, my mother mentioned I should probably go to culinary school. I thought that was a silly idea as I knew from my Pizza restaurant job that folks who prepare food don’t make much money. Funny enough I ended up working as a line cook when I moved out with my ever so horny girlfriend. I worked in a franchise joint which taught me further lessons about how to work all of the time for virtually nothing while you disrespect ingredients and food in general. I pretty much stayed stoned all of the time. My burgeoning cooking career ended the day I wanted to put my service blade into the chest of an assistant kitchen manager. I didn’t do it; I just wanted to do it and basically I quit mid-shift with blood in my eyes. Anyway since that time, I’ve had at least five different career changes. All of which amounted to furtive attempts to find a career I liked and could make some dough. Unfortunately, I have never found anything that stirred my soul like cooking. I should have listened to mom I suppose, but that’s another story.

With all of that being said. I’m much older, wiser and dedicated to the idea of making a place for myself in the world of food even if it’s just my own little world of food. I have been thinking about a blog for a long time. Most of what you will find here will be more related to commentary and not recipes, how to’s or any of that stuff which is being done to death. I’m not a food porn guy. I’m a believer in flavor, farm to table, whipping up things off the cuff and enjoyment. I could care less for Haute Cuisine. It means little to nothing to me personally. The celebrity chef thing is wearing thin as well. Everyone has a cook book out which just bores the hell out me. I do not consider myself a “foodie”. Matter of fact, I find the word repulsive. I’m not a “gourmand” either as far as I know. The description denotes a sense of snobbery which has plagued the food world for far too long. Anyhow I’ll wind up this long winded description about myself and the blog. I certainly hope that anyone who takes the time to read my blog will find something they can take away from it which will be enlightening or at the very least learn what one shouldn’t do with their lives. So please enjoy.


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